The EAI Collection: Artist Index

Artist Index


Stan VanDerBeek

A pioneer in the development of experimental film and live-action animation techniques, Stan VanDerBeek was a visionary of avant-garde and expanded cinema. Advocating a utopian fusion of art and technology, he produced theatrical, multimedia experiments that included projection systems, dance, planetarium events and the exploration of early computer graphics and image-processing systems.


Steina and Woody Vasulka

Steina and Woody Vasulka are pioneers who have contributed to the evolution of video art. The Vasulkas' investigations into analog and digital processes and their development of electronic imaging tools, which began in the early 1970s, place them among the primary architects of an expressive electronic vocabulary of image-making. They chart the evolving formulation of a syntax of electronic imaging as they articulate a processual dialogue between artist and technology.


Woody Vasulka

After producing a pioneering body of tapes in collaboration with Steina in the early 1970s, Woody Vasulka has investigated the narrative, syntactical and metaphorical potential of electronic imaging. His development of an expressive image-language began as a rigorous deconstruction of the materiality of the electronic signal, and has evolved to the application of imaging codes and digital manipulation to narrative strategies.


Edin Velez

Through rich imagery and visual metaphors, Edin Velez recasts the documentary into a more personal and poetic vision. His subjective observations of culture and place, which take the form of video essays and experimental dramas, are impressionistic visual collages.


Bill Viola

Bill Viola is a major figure in video art. His works, which have received international recognition, are distinguished by a confluence of allegorical resonance and virtuosic control of technology. Viola explores video's temporal and optical systems to metaphorically examine modes of perception and cognition, and ultimately chart a symbolic quest for self. His ritualized investigations of visual and acoustic phenomena, illusion and reality, achieve a poetic articulation of visionary transcendence.