Video Anti-Heroes: Drop Ceilings, Acid Colored Anything

  Friday, May 9, 2003, 8 pm

Squeaky Wheel
Buffalo Media Resources
Buffalo, NY

  EAI presents a special program of video at Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo. Beyond the superficial connections of these videos - all made by men, all dating from the late 70s to early 80s - there is a provocative commonality in their expressionist use of video to portray an anti-hero (in most cases the artist himself), suffering an amplified cultural milieu. The program included works by Tony Oursler, Klaus vom Bruch, Ante Bozanich, Tony Labat, and Mike Smith.

Squeaky Wheel is an artist run non-profit media arts center founded in 1985 to promote and support film, video, computer, and audio art by media artists and community members.

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EAI is a nonprofit media arts organization and a leading resource for video art and interactive media. EAI's core program is the worldwide distribution of a major collection of media art works, ranging from seminal works of the 1960s to new works by emerging artists. EAI's activities include extensive online resources, a video preservation program, free viewing access, and special screening events. For more information, please visit EAI's website at

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