Seth Price

September 8-30, 2006

Reena Spaulings Fine Art, 165 East Broadway
Friedrich Petzel Gallery, 535 West 22nd Street
Electronic Arts Intermix, 535 West 22nd Street

Reception at Petzel Gallery: Friday, Sept. 8, 6-8 PM
Closing Party and Book Launch at Reena Spaulings:
Saturday, Oct. 7, 6-8 PM

Seth Price's show appears in three venues: Reena Spaulings Fine Art, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI). The show considers film and video, and how the moving image is used and circulated today, whether in the art world or in more popular forums. At Petzel and Reena Spaulings, Price exhibits two new, related films, each offering a different approach to these questions. At EAI, the artists' video distributor located just upstairs from Petzel, Price releases a new video for widespread distribution.



Digital Video Effect: "Editions." 2006. 10 min.
At EAI, Price debuts a video that serves as a sampler of his editioned videos to date, all of which have been sold through Reena Spaulings or Friedrich Petzel. Here, fragments of sound and image from the editions have been brought together, yielding a montage that, while bordering on incoherence, provides access to these publicly unavailable artworks. As with all EAI videos, the piece will be a low-priced, unlimited multiple, with screening rights, to be rented and sold to art centers, film festivals, and schools. Price's piece, or any others in the extensive collection, can be seen in EAI's viewing room (by appointment only; call 212-337-0680; preview an online video clip at This piece will remain available indefinitely after the rest of the show closes.

Film, Right. 2006. 16mm film. 15 min.
At Petzel, Price shows a film based on a clip purchased from an online distributor of "multi-use video backgrounds." Referred to as "gak" by those in the industry, such video loops serve as content aids in presentations, promotions, and advertisements, as well as more serious applications, like TV news backdrops. Priceís purchase of this computer-generated, six-second clip includes screening rights, and he has visually altered the gak and repeated it 150 times before transferring the digital file to film.

Film, Left. 2006. 16mm film. 10 min.
At Reena Spaulings, Price installs a film transfer edition of his EAI video Digital Editing Effect: "Editions". The piece juxtaposes disparate authors, editing strategies, and histories, yielding a work in the essay-film tradition, at once lyrical and messy, highly-edited and arbitrarily composed.

Addresses. 2006. Etchings with ink and oil on Arches paper. Printed at CNEAI, Paris.
In a series of screen prints on plastic film executed over the last year, Price used a frame-still from a popular Jihadi propaganda video clip (which remains widely available online). At Petzel, he presents a related series of etchings, featuring images available at various internet sites.

Notes. 2005-2006.
Price often writes his own, somewhat oblique, press releases, which have been called "loopy" and "millenarian." His writing does make an appearance in this show, albeit mainly as a decorative motif: selections from the artistís working notes on film & video executed over the last year, which appear at Spaulings. A facsimile book of the notes is also available.


Seth Price

Seth Price's multi-disciplinary art practice has gained an international following. In conceptual works that include video, sculpture, sound, and written texts, Price engages in strategies of appropriation, recirculation and packaging to consider issues of cultural production, the distribution of information, and the role of ideology. Shifting and manipulating the detritus of commodity culture, his projects have included early sampler-based academic music, anonymous Internet-circulated video, and art historical imagery. Investigating the cultures generated and re-circulated by mass media technologies and information systems, Price ultimately questions the production and dissemination of art and meaning itself. He is also part of the Continuous Project collective.

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