Pizza Party Cory Arcangel (Web project, 2004)

Pizza Party, a Web project commissioned by, is a hack of the Domino's Pizza site. Arcangel describes Pizza Party as “a free text-based software package for ordering pizza, or for throwing pizza parties.” Utilizing a basic command line program, this work creates a practical (if absurdist) tool out of code.

Arcangel says, “When I'm making work, I'm almost most excited about what impact it will have when it gets out on the Internet. Especially now, because the Internet is more like a well-oiled machine, with things like blogs and RSS readers. Information travels a lot quicker to people who see it a lot faster. To put something on the Internet now is sort of fun, because when I put up a project like Pizza Party,—I did a hack of the Domino's Web site—the next day thousands of people had downloaded and used it. I got bug reports.”

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