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The Erl King net.flag
Erl King net.flag
The Erl King was a very early interactive video work. A study of using emulation to ensure its long-term survival was begun by the Variable Media Network in 2002. >>> (PDF file) Under the auspices of the Variable Media Network, conservator John Ippolito discussed the preservation challenges of Mark Napier's piece web art piece net.flag [netflag.guggenheim.org], (2002) challenges with the artist. >>> (PDF file)
reBlog Waking Dream
reBlog Waking Dream
Eyebeam's reBlog [www.eyebeam.org/reblog/] allows guests to select "feeds provided by artists, curators, bloggers, and news sites." In 2005 Pamela J. Smith assessed the site's future preservation needs. >>> In 2004, a case study of an interactive / computer-based / performance work called "Waking Dream" was completed by InterPARES [www.interpares.org] International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems. >>>

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