Third Tape

1976, 5:06 min, color, sound

Of Third Tape, Campus writes, "This man tries to abstract himself using age-old methods reminiscent of German Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism. Art issues of line and plane are dredged up. Perhaps to be subtitled: the war between man and man-made objects." Recasting these modernist art historical antecedents, Campus presents a disjunctive sense of identity and self by focusing on the effect of a single action on a close-up of the face. A man distorts his image, first by wrapping his face with tape, and then by submerging his head in water with the camera placed at an unexpected angle. In another sequence, a fractured, multifaceted self-portrait is constructed by reflections in fragments of a mirror placed at discordant angles. Continuing his fundamental investigation of illusion and reality, and the creation of metaphors for the transcendence of self, Campus subverts the notion of video as mirror by stressing distortion.

Producer: Fred Barzyk. Associate Producer: Olivia Tappan. Camera: Dick Holden. Lighting: Chas Norton. Switcher: Mike Floyd. Audio: Nat Johnson. Video: Bill Fairweather. Videotape: Pat Kane. Editors: Dave Hutton, John McKnight.

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