Gary Hill: Selected Works I

1975-79, 26:20 min, color, sound
1979, 3:57 min, color, silent
1978, 8:28 min, color, silent
1977, 4:30 min, color, sound
1977, 2:59 min, color, silent
1975-76, 6:26 min, color, silent

Silent or with minimal sound, these early formalist works explore the manipulation of electronic color and image density through the camera obscura and image processing devices. Of these tapes, Hill has written that "much of the subject matter and the expressionistic method of working underline and in some sense parody the traditional medium of painting." In Objects With Destinations, ordinary objects such as pliers, a shopping bag and a hammer move in staccato rhythm across the screen, washed with subtle hues. In Windows, the image of windows in a darkened room is digitized, densely layered, and otherwise abstracted in a series of graphic compositions. Bathing extends this process further, as Hill transforms the traditional image of a bathing figure by subtly integrating color video and digitized, re-scanned stills. Bits is an abbreviated study of minutiae, textures and patterns, in which Hill explores editing techniques and rhythm. In Mirror Road, Hill creates an increasingly abstracted harmony of landscapes in layered compositions of movement.


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