Under Lock and Key

1994, 30:15 min, color, sound

Under Lock and Key is the single-channel version of an installation that premiered at the Wexner Center for the Arts in 1993. Using the "talking head" confessional as a stylistic device, B creates a social and psychological narrative wherein the act of speaking becomes therapeutic affirmation. B asked individuals who had suffered domestic violence to compose and read letters to those who had abused them. Their stories, addressed to their abusers and spoken directly to the camera, are intercut with comments by serial killer Ted Bundy and quotes from convicted murderer Jack Henry Abbott's prison memoir, In the Belly of the Beast.

Produced, directed and filmed by Beth B. Featuring: Philip Horvitz, Nan Goldin, Tomas Gaspar, Jerry Kearns and Clark Greg. Music: Larry Larson. Casting: Sheila Jaffe. Production Assistant: Mary Daly. Additional Footage: Jason Simon.