Edited at EAI

In 1972, EAI inaugurated its first freestanding program: The Editing/Post-Production Facility, a creative workspace for artists. A less well-known but historically important and creatively fertile area of EAI’s programs, the facility was one of the first such post-production workspaces for artists in the U.S. Originally established to provide artists with free access to 1/2" open-reel analogue editing equipment, the facility continues to offer technical resources to artists today, from digitization to preservation of legacy formats. Over the course of five decades, an extraordinary group of artists has used EAI's facility to create some of the most significant works in media art's diverse histories. This chapter features documents and materials relating to the founding and early years of the facility, as well as information on some of the hundreds of artists’ works that were edited in EAI’s facility, which were showcased in a 45th-anniversary program series entitled Edited at EAI.

History of the EPPF: 1971-1990