Wednesday, June 16, 2010
6:30 pm

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Admission free
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Please join EAI for an artist talk and screening with acclaimed multimedia artist Shana Moulton. In her first artist talk in New York City, Moulton will speak about her approach to video and her focus on character-driven performance and narrative. Brought to life most frequently in her ongoing and ambitious project Whispering Pines, Moulton's work encompasses a series of episodic single-channel video works, immersive video installations, and live performances incorporating interactive video backdrops. During her presentation, Moulton will lead the audience through the development of her project and her characters, screening the newest videos from the Whispering Pines series, including Whispering Pines 9 (2009, 10:03 min) and The Sentimental Futurist (2009, 4:51 min), as well as documentation of recent performance and rarely-seen experiments. A Q&A session with the artist will follow.

Combining an unsettling, wry humor with a low-tech, Pop sensibility, Moulton plays Cynthia, a character whose interactions with the everyday world are both mundane and surreal, in a domestic sphere just slightly askew. An anxiety-ridden hypochondriac, Cynthia wears clothing embedded with medical devices and surrounds herself with inspirational New Age knickknacks in order to cope with her life. As her protagonist navigates the enigmatic and possibly magical properties of her home decor, Moulton initiates relationships with objects and consumer products that are at once banal and uncanny. Cynthia's struggles with the mundane, the eclectic and the disposable offer a unique perspective on the relationship between spirituality and consumerism in contemporary society.


Shana Moulton studied at the University of California, Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, where she received her MFA. Moulton has also attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Skowhegan, Maine, and studied at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Her video work has been screened and exhibited internationally, including at Art in General, New York; Migros Museum, Zurich; Contemporary Museum of Art, Uppsala; Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Paris; Aurora, Edinburgh; Dark Light Festival, Dublin; Impakt Festival, Utrecht; Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen; Broadway 1602, New York; and Gimpel Fils, London. Moulton's performances have been presented at venues including The Kitchen, New York; PERFORMA 09, New York; Aurora Picture Show, Houston; Electronic Arts Intermix, New York; The Bluecoat, Liverpool; and Socrates Sculpture Park, New York; among others.

Moulton lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


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