In collaboration with NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance), EAI presents a screening of videos by artists involving intervention, intrusion, and trespassing. Capturing literal, formal, or conceptual acts of breaking and entering, their works harness disruption and surprise.

Bernadette Corporation
Chris Burden
Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom
Dan Graham
Klara Liden
Rachel Mason
Takeshi Murata
Michael Smith
Ryan Trecartin

Friday, December 8, 2006
6:00 pm

NADA Art Fair
The Ice Palace
59 NW 14th St., Miami, Florida
Admission Free


The artists in this program use deliberate intervention in the creation of their art. Some of them choose to make their work in public spaces, confronting or incorporating an unwitting audience. Others use technology, fashion, or narrative as tools of interference. All of them demonstrate methods for causing change.

VALIE EXPORT's Touch Cinema documents her famous 1968 public performance inviting passersby to participate in a new "interactive" cinema. Michael Smith's Baby Ikki records a performance where he refuses to come out of character even for the police. Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom also take to the streets, this time using Times Square as the setting for a strange ritual performance. In Paralyzed Klara Liden uses a moving train full of stunned passengers as a set to dance through, flinging herself over seats and around poles. Rachel Mason also creates a kind of public dance video, entering a Chelsea gallery exhibiting huge black minimalist sculptures with a boombox playing Depeche Mode. Chris Burden's TV AD for Through the Night Softly documents his paid television intervention. With a voiceover by the artist, we see what disturbed viewers saw when Burden's 10-second commercial segment aired during a break from the nightly news.

Two videos by Dan Graham, documenting his pavilions, show how architecture can be used to constructively intervene in different environments. Takeshi Murata breaks the DVD Codec of a snippet from a black and white 1960s horror film, altering every frame from the inside out and creating a work that goes far beyond simple appropriation. In the 1990s Bernadette Corporation set themselves up as a fashion label, temporarily placing themselves in the thick of the fashion industry for their own purposes. Their documentation shows footage from a number of the well-received fashion shows they staged to launch their collections between 1995 and 1997. Finally, in a video by Ryan Trecartin, the idea of intervention is investigated in a fantastical and alarming narrative about a girl whose obsessive personal utopia is broken into by intruders who hold her hostage while they change everything beyond recognition.

Programmed by Josh Kline.


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Founded in 2002, New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is a not-for-profit collective of professionals working with contemporary art. Their mission is to create an open flow of information, support, and collaboration within their field and to develop a stronger sense of community among their constituency. NADA believes that the adversarial approach to exhibiting and selling art has run its course. They believe that change can be achieved through fostering constructive thought and dialogue between various points in the art industry from large galleries to small spaces, non-profit and commercial alike.


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