ArtBase 101

Curated by Lauren Cornell and Rachel Greene, current and former executive directors of Rhizome respectively, ArtBase 101 (June 23 - September 10, 2005) featured the work of 40 artists from the Rhizome ArtBase. The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, an affiliate of Rhizome, hosted the exhibition. Including work that spanned nearly a decade, this first presentation of work from the archive was organized into thematic and historical categories, including Early Net. Art, NetCinema, DirtStyle, Online Celebrity, Data Visualization and Databases, Software Art, and Public Places. Participating artists included Mark Daggett, Prema Murthy, Heath Bunting,, YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Eduardo Navas, I/O/D, and RTMark. Many works addressed the commercial implications of some aspects of new media art. For example, Thomson and Craighead, a collaborative team from the United Kingdom, presented dot-store, which offered its own product line. A critique of the pervasive capitalist agenda, the piece critically engages with the mechanism of capitalism through an appropriation of its tools.

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