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Initiated in 2001, the Rhizome Commissions Program offers financial support to new media artists for the production of new work. One of the awards offered by this program is selected by the members of Rhizome community, the remaining by a rotating panel of international jurors. Selected artworks are presented during an event in New York City. Past recipients have included Carlo Zanni, Michael Wilson, Peter Horvath, John Klima, Nungu, Lisa Jevbratt, Nadia Anderson and Fritz Donnelly, Jason Freeman, Michael Mandiberg, and Thomas Laureyssens. Many of the completed projects span media and techniques. Adam Brown and Andrew Fagg's Pulse Pool (2006), for example, explores the interpersonal and environmental implications of the human autonomic nervous system through a network of wearable computing devices. In Troika (2003), Lisa Jevbratt treats the Rhizome ArtBase as a point for aesthetic and conceptual contemplation. Her project reinvents the archive's interface as a fluctuating representation of the projects it contains and the way that users traverse the data. Each object in the archive is represented by one pixel of color, which over time fluctuates according to "traces" the users leave behind in the database.


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