Net Aesthetics 2.0

In collaboration with EAI, Rhizome executive director Lauren Cornell organized and moderated a panel that considered Internet art "in light of larger technological and cultural shifts." Two curators, Caitlin Jones (Guggenheim Museum, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery) and Michael Connor (British Film Institute, London) were matched with four artists—Cory Arcangel, Michael Bell-Smith, Marisa Olson, and Wolfgang Staehle—for the purposes of discussing how the nature of online practice has changed over Internet art's first decade. The driving force behind the discussion was how the early "avant-garde" moments of Internet-based art have more recently given way to a more "loose and dispersed range of conceptual and formal practices." Panelists addressed current themes and trends, such as blogging and performance, in addition to the relationship that Internet-based artwork has to traditional institutional spaces.

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