Gary Hill: Selected Works III

1978-79, 19:22 min, b&w and color, sound

In these works from the late 1970s, Hill continues to construct a dialogue of sound and image, devising analogies between linguistics and electronic phenomena. In Full Circle, the screen is divided into three sections: a close-up of hands bending a metal rod into a circle; a full-image view of this figure; and an electronically generated circular image, which is created by Hill's vocalization of an "Ah" sound. The result is a paradoxical tension between sculpting physical material and "sculpting" with the non-physical material of electronics. In Mouthpiece, the gyrations of an electronic red mouth on a blue background affect the rolling of the image. Elements is an electronic tapestry of graphic shapes and syllabic sound. This fabric of landscape images and language fragments pulses back and forth with a layered rhythm, as visual and aural elements converge. Primary is a formal color study of the primary colors red, green and blue, in which Hill's lips, the purveyors of language, repeat the color names as images change hue. Hill writes that Picture Story is "structured upon a hierarchical ladder of meaning, starting with the mechanistic and ending with a vision which pinpoints an `insignificant' intersection of image and language concerning the d-r-a-w-i-n-g." Using letters as his visual and textual source, he "draws" relationships between linguistics and video via the mapping of a short narrative that ends with a structural joke. Equal Time is an abstract visual translation of two contrasting narratives, one about psychological space and the other about concrete space.


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