Titles with or about Mary Lucier

Ohio at Giverny

1983, 19 min, b&w, sound

Praised by The New York Times as a "stunning paean to Monet," Ohio at Giverny is the title of Lucier's highly acclaimed two-channel, seven-monitor installation. Writes Lucier, "This work is an investigation of light in landscape and its function as an agent of memory, both personal and mythic. It deals with the convergence of disparate entities — geographies, epochs, sensibilities: with transitions from one state of being to another, and how within the frame of imagination and collective memory these 'dissolves' take place. "Nostalgic images from Lucier's native Ohio — the pastoral countryside and a Victorian home — are fluidly juxtaposed and correlated with the lush beauty of Impressionist painter Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny, France.

Note: In this composite version of the installation, the two channels of video are displayed side-by-side on a split screen.

Assistant: Lisa Rinzler. Audio/Music: Earl Howard. Editor: Gregg Featherman.