Tux Dog was a cartoon thought up by one of Paper Rad's members when he was 10 years old. Though mildly unbelievable, his father, was an avid fan of Max Beckmann and his love of Beckmann's self portrait mixed with the child's own artistic influences at the time, Bill the Cat and Garfield led to the form, Tux Dog.

As the young artist's lame attempts at self promotion began to take form (this web site baring their pathetic fruition) a host of Tux Dog chalk board drawings at school, and white board/dry erase drawings began to sprout up.

And that's about it, other than a failed tux dog iron-on made in 7th grade art class, Tux's reign as the best character ever was cut very short. Some say the introduction of the Simpsons overshadowed Tux's importance(to the artist, not to society), however, later in life, with the Simpsons in syndication Tux began to make a come back(in the artist's mind).

Tux Dog's comeback is outstanding. Not only can you find him on Paper Rad's website, his presence is spilling over to other Paper Rad projects and stuff. The logical conclusion after Tux's long history was obviously to make him open source.

That brings us to this very web site, I hope you enjoy Tux Dog, its pretty simple, he is a crime fighting reporter, he wears a tuxedo, and his enemy is Bad Cat. Goodluck!!!!!!!!!!