Bernadette Corporation

Since 1994, the anonymous, international group of artists known as Bernadette Corporation has explored strategies of cultural resistance and détournement, appropriating contemporary entertainment modes for their own experimental purposes. From the New York-based BC fashion label, which garnered a cult following in the 1990s, and the magazine Made In USA, launched in 1999, to the collectively-authored novel Reena Spaulings (Semiotexte, 2005) and videos starring the likes of Sylvère Lotringer and Chloe Sevigny, Bernadette Corporation's interventionist projects amount to a precisely-calibrated critique of a global culture that constructs identity through consumption and branding.   full biography


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1995-97, 6:20 min, color, sound
1996, 7 min, color, sound
2000, 19:22 min, color, sound
2003, 61 min, color, sound

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1999, 9 min, color, sound
1998, 49:52 min, color, sound
1999, 25 min, color, sound
2000, 56:14 min, color, sound
1997, 9 min, color, sound