Robert Beck/Robert Buck

In his body of moving image work that spans the mid-1980s to the present, Robert Beck/ Buck merges cinematic, televisual, and visual art aesthetics and strategies to singular effect, paying careful attention to the viewer's experience of his art. From his conceptual cable access television series of the 1980s through his activist works, "alternative" music videos and found-footage pieces, Beck/Buck's privileging of unexpected interpretations is the heritage of an eclectic list of influences, including Marcel Duchamp and Cady Noland, Robert Bresson and George Romero, film theorist Carol Clover and novelist Cormac McCarthy, the true-crime genre, the teachings of Jacques Lacan, and forensic science.   full biography


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1986, 8:16 min, color, sound
1987, 6 min, color, sound
1990, 9 min, color, sound
1993, color, sound
1995, 11 min, color, sound
1998, 12:00 min, color, sound
1998, 4 min, color, sound
2000, 11 min, b&w, sound
2001, 11:00 min, color, sound
2001, 6:00 min, color, stereo sound