Dooogle Cory Arcangel (Internet project, 2005)

For this Web-based work, Arcangel presents a hack of the Google search engine, modified to return only search results about “Doogie Howser MD,” a sitcom that ran from 1989 to 1993. With its retro/nostalgic reference, Dooogle renders a commercial search product into one with an absurdist function, albeit one that points up the endless pop-cultural trivia that has accumulated on the Web.

Arcangel describes Dooogle: “That's Internet art. …It's made for you to e-mail to your friends…the Internet stuff doesn't really work in the gallery. It's just made for you to say, Isn't this cool, check this out. I think it's a great new art context. It's amazing how things work on the Internet now. I'm curious to see if it will ever affect the art world or how it will balance out.”

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