Reports, Correspondence, and Proposals

Inventory of Equipment, 1978

Letter to Rockefeller Foundation, 1980

Letter to Rockefeller Foundation, 1982

NEA Final Report, 1985

NEA Final Report, 1987-88

Initial Proposal, 1971

This preliminary proposal for the establishment of the E/PPF outlines projected expenses and describes the facility’s function as an affordable service for artists.

Review of Early Editing Facilities

This document provides a brief description of other editing facilities available to artists in the United States in the early 1970s, including the Bay Area Video Arts Coalition and the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Procedure for Assignment, 1979

This document describes the official scheduling strategies for the E/PPF.

Application: Douglas Davis, 1979

In this application letter, Douglas Davis requests time in the E/PPF to complete post-production work on How To Make Love To Your Television Set. Dated April 15, 1979.

Blank Application, 1982

Most applicants to the E/PPF filled out this form to reserve editing time.

Draft of Proposal for NYSCA, 1976

Purpose and cost of EAI Editing Equipment (1978)

In this letter to NYSCA, Howard Wise lists the items in the E/PPF purchased with state funds and describes the need for a facility-wide update to replace obsolete equipment.