Condition Reports

Reports and Templates from Matters in Media Arts

Matters in Media Arts, a non-profit organization, has generated a number of reports valuable for documenting the condition and viability of computer-based art.

Condition Report Template [Matters in Media Arts]

This report outlines the basic information about existing works of art and can be used as a preservation as well as an exhibition tool. It records such data as basic installation instructions, and a general description of the artwork and its condition.

Condition Report Template Addendum: Discs [Matters in Media Arts]

This form includes detailed information about the status of the disc (DVD-Rom, DVD, CD) including a means of noting any defects including scratches and fingerprints.

Condition Report Template Addendum: Hard Disc Drives [Matters in Media Arts]

This form details the contents, operating system, operability, and other information about a hard drive that contains or is associated with a computer-based work.

Installation Template [Matters in Media Arts]

This comprehensive outline, which addresses almost any conceivable variable includes information about the nature of the exhibition space, the artist's statement, electrical and maintenance requirements, and even health and safety details. Again, though designed for exhibition purposes, it is also valuable in recording preservation information.

About the document source:

Matters in Media Arts

Curators, conservators, registrars and media technical managers from New Art Trust, MoMA, SFMOMA, Tate, have formed a consortium to establish best practice guidelines for care of time-based media works of art (for example, video, slide, film, audio and computer-based installations). The Matters in Media Arts website offers extensive resources related to the exhibition of media art.

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