Chapter 1: The Dealers

1986, 38:30 min, color, sound

Muntadas states: "Art, as part of our time, culture and society, shares and is affected by rules, structures and tics, like other economic, political and social systems in our society. Between the Frames is a series of eight chapters about people and institutions located between the artist and the audience."

Completed in 1986, while Muntadas was artist-in-residence at the Western Front in Vancouver, Chapter 1: The Dealers and Chapter 3: The Galleries are combined as a single thirty-five-minute series of interviews with individuals operating galleries (commercial or "alternative") in Europe and America. Muntadas analyses the people and institutions who mediate between art and its audience, examining the system and structures of marketing and promotion that governed the art world in the 1980s. The most influential international dealers of the time, including Mary Boone, Leo Castelli, Ronald Feldman, and Ileanna Sonnabend, are interviewed on the artistic and commercial structures of the art market. Muntadas intercuts the interviews with images of moving trains, underscoring his concept of the art world as a highly structured organism dependent on cultural and economic systems.

Participants: Lucio Amelio, Naples; Richard Bellamy, New York; Mary Boone, New York; Leo Castelli, New York; Mario Diacono, Rome; Marisa Diez, Barcelona; Michel Durand Dessert, Paris; Fina Farriols, Barcelona; Ronald Feldman, New York; Rosamund Felsen, Los Angeles; Marian Goodman, New York; Ivan Karp, New York; Richard Kuhlenschmidt, Los Angeles; Glenn Lewis, Vancouver; Giogio Marconi, Milan; Peppe Morra, Naples; Joan de Muga, Barcelona; Al Nodal, Los Angeles; Lydia Olivia, Barcelona; Brigitte Rambaud, Montpellier; Denise Rene, Paris; Joy Silverman, Los Angeles; Holly Solomon, New York; Ileana Stadler, Paris; Daniel Templon, Paris; Pasquale Trisorio, Naples; Fernando Vijande, Madrid; Helen Winer, New York.

Produced by MUNTADAS 1983-1991. Camera: Caterina Borelli, Kate Craig, Steve O'rear, Ted Hardin, Art Nomura. Production/post-production: Bruce Tovsky, Ted Hardin, Joe Leonardi, Philippe Lavaill, Josep Maria Vilardosa, Jordi Agusti, Aleix Gallardet, Luis Nicolau, Larry Loganbill, Tim V.S. Westbury, Irit Batsry, Walter Zooi, Jayce Salloum, Alessandro Meodia, John Barnett, Jordi Torrent, Doug Brown, Hank Bull, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Barnaby Levy. Special Thanks: Kathy Huffman, Lorne Falk, Lori Zippay, Melodie Calvert, Martine Bour, Antoni Mercader, Bill Horrigan, Mireia Sentis, Chip Lord, Danielle Tilkin, Susan Harris, Fern Bayer, Barbara London, Kira Perov, Manami Fujimori, Steven Vitiello, Marhsall Reese, Joan Rabascall, Jean Luc Saumade, Enrique Riu, Christian Courreges, H. Goed, Giovanna Zamboni, Maia Giacobbe Borelli, Peter D'angostino, Angel Shaw, Sherman George, Doug Walla, James R. Blattenberger, United Mcgill Corp., Columbus City Center, Nationwide One Plaza, Columbus Caltrans, Los Angeles Freeway, International House of Japan, The Docents from the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Newport Harbor Museum. Executive Producer: Caterina Borelli. With the collaboration of C.A.V.S. - E.V.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge; Visual Arts - Media Studies - Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego; Honolulu Academy of Art, Radio, Cinema and Television Dept. Temple University, Philadelphia; Canal Video-Videografia, Barcelona; Electronic Arts Intermix, New York; The Station, Long Beach Museum of Art; Wester Front, Vancouver Art Studio - Media Arts, The Banff Centre, Banff; Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus. Partially funded by The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; The New York State Council for the Arts; Generalitat de Catalunya, Department de Cultura - Serveis Audiovisuals; Long Beach Museum - Video Program; Command de I'Etat - Centre National des Arts Plastiques, 1990, France. A videotape by MUNTADAS @ 1991.

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1983-91, 259:57 min, color, sound