Video Girls and Video Songs for Navajo Sky

1973, 31:56 min, b&w and color, sound




Popular Photography

Roy Pinney


Rob Pinney, "Annual video-tape extravaganza stresses a women's point of view"
Popular Photography (1973): 22, 108.

Roy Pinney reviews the Second Annual Women's Video Festival, held at The Kitchen in 1973; he hails the videotape as the "newest art form to articulate the inner spirit of our time."


Press Release


Program Notes

September 28-October 14, 1973

Second Annual Women's Video Festival: Program
(September 28-October 14, 1973)

This document is the program for the second Women's Video Festival, held at the Loguidice Gallery from September 28-October 14, 1973.


Press Release

Press release for Shigeko Kubota works at EAI's Video Project Space at X Initiative during October 2009.