Interview with Eric Siegel by Jud Yalkut

Jud Yalkut



Interview with Eric Siegel by Jud Yalkut (1973)
Pioneers of Electronic Art, Ars Electronica, 1992
(Also in Yalkut's Electronic Zen: The Alternate Video Generation,"The new video abstractionists," unpublished)

This 1973 interview with Eric Siegel by Jud Yalkut was published in the 1992 catalogue for Ars Electronica's Pioneers of Electronic Art. It includes a foreword by Woody Vasulka and a 1992 statement by Siegel. In the interview with Yalkut, Siegel discusses his recently developed Video Chrominance Synthesizer and Electronic Video Synthesizer. Siegel also presents his utopian idea of using the video synthesizer to transmit positive energy. With this technology, he states, people who have advanced to "higher levels of consciousness" can convey their experiences to people in their homes watching TV.