2nd International Computer Art Festival: Official program

June 1-14, 1974


2nd International Computer Art Festival: Official Program (1974)
June 1-14, 1974, The Kitchen

The second International Computer Art Festival was held at The Kitchen between June 1 and 14, 1974. The 11-page official program features a color cover by Bill and Louise Etra and five black and white diagrams by Paul Hrozenchik, George Chaikin and Duane Palyka. Electronic music and video works dominated the Festival, but the 60 participating artists also presented computer experiments in film and graphic sculpture. Among the artists showing video were Tom DeWitt, Bill and Louise Etra, Shigeko Kubota , Robert Lewis, Nam June Paik , Stan VanDerBeek , Steina and Woody Vasulka , and Walter Wright. Computer music pioneer John Chowning, working at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, presented one of his most notable compositions, Turenas (1972), the first piece to create the illusion of sound sources moving in a 360-degree space.