Annual video-tape extravaganza stresses a women's point of view, Popular Photography

Roy Pinney



Rob Pinney, "Annual video-tape extravaganza stresses a women's point of view"
Popular Photography (1973): 22, 108.

Roy Pinney reviews the Second Annual WomenÍs Video Festival, held at The Kitchen in 1973. He hails the videotape as the "newest art form to articulate the inner spirit of our time" and argues that the medium is a valuable tool for female artists to reach out with their messages. He particularly stresses the fact that it is a brand new medium that gives women "an opportunity to participate on an equal footing with men right from the beginning of its development." Pinney welcomes the Vasulka's screening projects, since there are few places for artists' videos to be shown. Organizer Susan Milano points out that the opportunities for exhibiting tapes are still scarce.