"Open Circuits: The Future of Television": Conference Schedule

January 23-25, 1974


"Open Circuits: The Future of Television": Conference Schedule (January 23-25, 1974)

This three-page document is the schedule for the Open Circuits conference, held at The Museum of Modern Art from January 23-25, 1974. Each day featured a specific theme, and included videotape screenings, panel discussions, and the presentation of papers. The three themes were ?The Structure of Television,? ?The Esthetics of Television,? and ?The Politics and Philosophy of Television.? The first day featured panel discussions such as ?Global Trends in Experimental Television,? ?The Rise of the Video Synthesizer,? and ?The Artists in the Experimental Television Center.? The second day included presentations by Gregory Battcock (?Not Good For the Family: The Sociology of the Set?) and Hollis Frampton (?The Withering Away of the State of Art?), among others. The third day included papers by Hans Magnus Enzenberger (?Television and the Politics of Liberation?) and a panel discussion, chaired by Willard Van Dyke, on ?Video and The Museum.?