Jet Set Willy Variations

2002, 18 min, color, sound

Jet Set Willy Variations consists of modifications of the 1984 video game Jet Set Willy. The original game was made for the obsolete British computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which was popular in the early 1980s.

"These versions of Jet Set Willy...become increasingly more abstract, finding inspiration in the non-narrative parts of the game. One of JODI's modifications is based on the copy-protection card, a red, blue, green and pink grid that shipped with every copy of the original game. The pattern provided access codes that were necessary to 'unlock' the game. Trying to navigate the white square that represents Willy through the coloured blocks of the copy-protection screen is nearly impossible." — JODI: COMPUTING 101B, Liverpool, England: FACT, the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, 2004.