Oh! My Mother

1969, 14 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

Writes Ando, "Oh! My Mother was the first work I made using a newly bought 16mm camera I had purchased with the writer Shuji Terayama in Paris. This piece was selected for the Oberhausen International Film Festival. In 1969, there were, of course, no video cameras like ones we see now, and color TVs were only found at broadcast television studios. I had just been employed at the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System), and I often snuck into the studios after hours to experiment with the equipment. Oh! My Mother was made using the feedback effect, which is produced by infinitely expanding the image by looping the video."

Kohei Ando produced experimental films for Shuji Terayama's theater company, Tenjo Sajiki. Using a 16mm camera he purchased with Terayama, Ando produced first film, Oh! My Mother (1968). His works include My Sons (1971), On The Far Side of Twilight (1994), and Whispers of Vermeer (1998). He has won awards at the Hawaii International Film Festival and the Monterey Electronic Cinema Festival.

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2010, 162 min, color and b&w, sound