Memory of Fire

1994, 30 min, color, sound

In an experimental narrative that evokes Latin American Magical Realism, Velez offers a baroque vision of change and transformation, using Christopher Columbus' encounter with the "New World" as a conceptual foundation. Drawing from Kabalistic and alchemical texts, as well as from historical texts about Columbus' voyages, Velez weaves an exquisite dream that melds the spiritual, the personal, and the political.

Conceived and directed by Edin Velez. Producers: Sarah Vogel, Kelley Forsyth. Executive Producer: Edin Velez. Production Company: Seneca Falls Productions, Inc. Writer: Edin Velez, Christelle Destombes. Director of Photography: Michael Mayers. Composer: Frederick Reed. Editors: Edin Velez, Steve Silkenson, Alex Albanese. Online Editor: Marshall Reese. Edit Facility: Editel, NY.

A public television presentation of The Independent Television Service with funds provided by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.