No Sell Out... or i wnt 2 b th ultimate commodity/ machine (Malcolm X Pt. 2)

1995, 5:37 min, color, sound

States Tony Cokes: "No Sell Out employs desktop video (Adobe Premiere) to position images of Malcolm X in tension with commercial culture. It is a result of a series of loaded questions we ask ourselves, and now wish to impose on viewers... Mr. X is the serialized signifier that sparks problematic readings and profits in rap music, 'political art' and fashionable sportswear... Is X the sign of a meaningful difference, or just another hip style thang?" Appropriating an MTV-like format to critique and question the capitalist commodification of Malcolm X's subversive politics, X-PRZ sets computer-manipulated imagery of Malcolm X against advertising logos, archival footage, TV imagery, and a propulsive soundtrack of rock music by REM and Nine Inch Nails.

Music: R.E.M, King of Comedy; NIN, Happiness is Slavery. Production Facilities: The Devil's Workshop, Power Macintosh 7100/66 with Adobe Premiere 4.0, Scholarly Technology group, Brown University, Guadra 800 with Adobe Premiere 4.0. Post-Production Facility: Robert Beck, Electronic Arts Intermix.