Ama l'Uomo Tuo (Always Love Your Man)

1975, 21:12 min, b&w, color, sound

This classic documentary is both character study and social commentary — a portrait of DeVito's grandmother, Adeline LeJudas, and a telling critique of a patriarchal society. Interviewed by DeVito in her Brooklyn home, Adeline recounts the violence she suffered at her abusive husband's hands, emerging from her experience a scarred yet determined survivor. Here, the presence of the video camera in the familial sphere allows for an intimate dialogue. Ironically, Adeline concludes by saying "Ama l'Uomo Tuo. Always love your man. No matter what," revealing how deeply rooted is her adherence to the social code that almost destroyed her.

Assistance: Jeffrey Kleinman. Produced by New Times Television.