Heaven Earth & Hell

1993, 25:19 min, color, sound

Rich and inventive, Heaven Earth & Hell is an experimental narrative documentary that charts a course through African, Christian and Native American cosmologies to tell a tale of love, loss and a search for freedom in two parallel inter-racial relationships. Reflecting on the "trickster" figure in African and African-American culture, while recounting the story of his first love, Harris creates a graceful lament for the loss of innocence in a world without magic.

Producer/Director/Writer: Thomas Allan Harris. Executive Producer: Sara Diamond. Cast: Ayisha Abraham, Andrea Fatona, Thomas Allan Harris, Patrick Fernier, Alain Pistolozzi. Consultants: Aleah Long, Greg Russell, Daba Riddle. Banff Unit- Production supervisor: Willi Schmidt. Video Engineer: Luke Van Dyke. Production Manager: Vern Hume. Principal Studio Camera: Jody Polowick. Editor: Thomas Allan Harris. On-line Editor: Stuart M. Rankin. Sound Designer: Jennifer Lewis. Aerial Footage: Willi Schmidt. French Unit- Camera: Alain Pistolozzi, Patrick Fernier, Thomas Allan Harris. Beloved's tale excerpted from bell hook's essay "Power to the Pussy: We Don't Wannabe Dicks in Drag" published by Madonnarama. Music: Salute to Edlegba (Afro Cuban Lucumi Bata ceremonial drumming) from the album, Oru De Igboda, produced by the government of Cuba, Areito Records. A Flapping Wings Production.