America At War

2011, 31:35, color, sound

Ken Jacobs writes: "Innocent movie-goers never given a chance, 3D while other Americans invade, bomb and burn to protect our freedoms (to invade, bomb and burn). They are civilians, with bodies and thoughts far from war. Distance protects our serenity, our amiable enjoyments. Innocent monsters? Perhaps."

Video: Ken Jacobs. Assisted by Antoine Catala.



Please remove spectacles.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK opened that night. Good movie, but distance isn?t what it used to be and all these wars tend to disturb one?s concentration. Too bad the win is free, the tides and sunlight.

Bechtel and Carlyle don?t like that, no.

Nor, of course, does Exxon or BP. But let?s aim to convert, anyway, and pay whatever they demand for allowing us to.

It?s got to be cheaper than oil, the cost to us of these invasions and occupations and payoffs to foreign gangsters.

Ken Jacobs assisted by Antoine Catala