Aldo Tambellini



Calendars and Newsletters

June 1972

Kitchen Calendar June 1972

One of twenty calendars that outline the Kitchen's programs and events.


Screening Lists and Schedules

July 14, 1971 - July 26, 1972)

Log of Wednesday Evening Open Video Screenings at The Kitchen (July 14, 1971- July 26, 1972)

This document contains a list of the artists and works included in the Wednesday Evening Screenings at The Kitchen from July 14, 1971 to July 26, 1972.



Howard Wise

May 17 - June 14, 1969


Program Notes

John G. Hanhardt, Matthew Yokobosky

Program from the exhibition. Features an introductory essay by John Hanhardt, a biography of Howard Wise, a listing of each work exhibited, a bibliography, text from the 1969 TV as a Creative Medium program, and numerous photographs from the 1969 exhibition.