Barbara Buckner

In her video works of the 1970s and '80s, Barbara Buckner employed video and computer technologies to create painterly works of strong visual and symbolic resonance. Her formal explorations of the transformative properties of electronic image-processing technology result in metaphoric works with an otherworldly sensibility.   full biography


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1978, 22:58 min, color, silent
1979-81, 23:10 min, color, silent
1979, 11:56 min, color, silent
1979, 5:41 min, color, silent
1981, 5:33 min, color, silent
1980-1982, 11:07 min, color and b&w, silent
The Golden Pictures
1980, 6:16 min, color, silent
Greece to Jupiter: It's a Matter of Energy
1982, 4:51 min, b&w, silent

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2009, 1140 min, b&w and color, sound