Eric Siegel




Radical Software 1.2

Jud Yalkut


Radical Software 1.2 (1970): 21. Siegel and Yalkut's fluid conversation ranges from Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 to the impact video might have on more traditional time-based media, such as film. Siegel also discusses his work with technology, emphasizing his artistic and spiritual goals.


Radical Software Vol. 1 no. 2

Jud Yalkut


Radical Software, vol. 1, no. 2, 1970

In this extensive interview with Jud Yalkut, Eric Siegel discusses how he began working with video and speculates on the future of video art.



Jud Yalkut


Interview with Eric Siegel by Jud Yalkut (1973)
Pioneers of Electronic Art, Ars Electronica, 1992
(Also in Yalkut's Electronic Zen: The Alternate Video Generation,"The new video abstractionists," unpublished)

In this interview with Eric Siegel by Jud Yalkut, Siegel discusses his recently developed Video Chrominance Synthesizer and Electronic Video Synthesizer; he also presents his utopian idea of using the video synthesizer to transmit positive energy.


Condition Report

Ohio Media

Jud Yalkut


The Electronic Video Synthesizer: Interview with Eric Siegel by Jud Yalkut (1970-73)
Published in Ohio Media, Dayton, Ohio, Vol.1, No. 2/3, December 1977/January 1978.
Also in Electronic Zen, 1984 (unpublished)

This article is compiled from two interviews that Jud Yalkut made with Eric Siegel in the early 70s.


Articles and Essays

Eric Siegel


Statement: Eric Siegel (2001)

Written for the Kinetic History project on the occasion of EAI's 30th anniversary in 2001, this text by Siegel traces his fascination with the potential of electronics and video equipment, beginning with his childhood.


Certificates and Patents

Jun 26, 1973

This document includes a patent cover, an abstract, eighteen drawn figures, detailed information and background about the functioning of the synthesizer and eighteen claims.

Screening Lists and Schedules

May 2-31, 1973


Second Annual Video Arts Festival: Schedule (May 2-31, 1973)
This one-page document is the schedule for the 2nd Annual Video Art Festival at the Kitchen, which ran from May 2-31, 1973.


Articles and Essays

Jud Yalkut

Arts Magazine 44.1 (September-October 1969) 18+

A key figure in the documentation of early video history, Yalkut peppers his review with quotes from participating artists and describes many of the pieces included in Wise's exhibition.



EAI Grant Application and Interim Report to the New York State Council on the Arts (1971)

These documents break down the activities of Perception during its first year. They outline minute details such as the kinds of equipment needed and the attendance figures of its first performances and workshops.


Calendars and Newsletters

June 1972

Kitchen Calendar June 1972

One of twenty calendars that outline the Kitchen's programs and events.


Program Notes

Program notes for "Lights in Motion: Rare Film & Video Materials from the Howard Wise Gallery" screening at EAI, August 17, 2011.

Press Release

Press release for "Lights in Motion: Rare Film & Video Materials from the Howard Wise Gallery" screening at EAI, August 17, 2011.

Press Release

Oct 5, 2003

Press release for New Tech Lo-Fi and a Synaesthetic Video Revival.


Howard Wise

May 17 - June 14, 1969


Program Notes

John G. Hanhardt, Matthew Yokobosky

Program from the exhibition. Features an introductory essay by John Hanhardt, a biography of Howard Wise, a listing of each work exhibited, a bibliography, text from the 1969 TV as a Creative Medium program, and numerous photographs from the 1969 exhibition.