Frank Gillette




Jud Yalkut

Jul 30, 2069

Radical Software 1.1 (Summer 1970): 9-10. In this extensive two part interview, Gillette and Schneider discuss their shift from other artistic mediums to that of television and videotape, as well as their involvement in TV as a Creative Medium.

Screening Lists and Schedules

May 2-31, 1973


Second Annual Video Arts Festival: Schedule (May 2-31, 1973)
This one-page document is the schedule for the 2nd Annual Video Art Festival at the Kitchen, which ran from May 2-31, 1973.


Articles and Essays

Jud Yalkut

Arts Magazine 44.1 (September-October 1969) 18+

A key figure in the documentation of early video history, Yalkut peppers his review with quotes from participating artists and describes many of the pieces included in Wise's exhibition.

Program Notes

Program notes for "Lights in Motion: Rare Film & Video Materials from the Howard Wise Gallery" screening at EAI, August 17, 2011.

Articles and Essays

Robert Stearns



Robert Stearns, Statement (2001)

Written by the Kitchen's first director on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Kitchen and Electronic Arts Intermix, this personal narrative describes the first years of the Kitchen.



Howard Wise

May 17 - June 14, 1969


Articles and Essays

Richard Skidmore


Detailing the work of Paik, Seery, and Tadlock, Skidmore suggests that television, as the "new art form," might lead to the revitalization of cable programming.

Program Notes


Plan of the 9th Annual Avant Garde Festival

This document shows where the participating artists will perform or exhibit during the 9th Annual Avant Garde Festival; a program is also included.