Maggie Lee

Maggie Lee's work has taken shape in a wide array of forms including sculpture, installation, photography, zine-making, blogging and moving image. Her videos often oscillate between the personal and the pop-cultural, blending diaristic self-documentation with collaged found sound and image. Lee’s work probes the emotional undercurrents and personal resonances of contemporary culture: memories of the artist’s early years in suburban New Jersey, candid scenes from New York City nightlife, and totem-like odes to the assorted mass-produced ephemera that adorns daily life.   full biography


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2012, :27 sec, color, sound
2013, :31 sec, color, sound
2013, 1:32 min, color, sound
2013, :50 sec, color, sound
2013, 1:09 min, color, sound
2014, 1:51 min, color, sound
2015, 56:22 min, color, sound, HD video
2016, 4:27 min, color, sound