Pierre Huyghe

Internationally acclaimed artist Pierre Huyghe works at the intersection of fiction and reality, creating projects that point up multiple, complex narratives, often within pre-existing cultural events. In a rich body of work that includes installations, films, and sculptures, the Parisian-born Huyghe suggests the ways in which identity and subjective experience are deeply informed by particular historical moments. Huyghe's investigations into cultural production explore how media representations and social rituals shape contemporary reality.   full biography


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2003, 5 min, color, sound
2004, 11 DVDs
El Gringo
2003, 4:12 min, color, sound
Le Moment
2003, 2:44 min, color, sound
Over My Shoulder
2003, 13:48 min, color, sound
Blind Spot
2003, 12:27 min, color, sound
2003, 5 min, color, sound
2003, 7:03 min, color, sound
2003, 4:38 min, color, sound
Automatic Writing
2003, 2:38 min, b&w, sound
WGG Test
2003, 5:20 min, color, sound
I Want to See How You See (or a portrait of Cornelia Providoli)
2003, 4:48 min, color, sound
Time After Time
2003, 5:22 min, color, sound