Rea Tajiri

Bringing complexity and sophistication to her deconstruction and appropriation of popular texts, Rea Tajiri decodes the images and soundtracks of Hollywood cinema and mass media as a strategy of cultural analysis. Fragmenting and rereading the vernacular of pop cultural narratives, she deciphers their embedded meanings to expose how history and memory are rewritten through media representation.   full biography


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1982, 6:50 min, color, sound
1987, 13:16 min, color, sound
"Vertigo" (Three Character Descriptions)
1987, 5:24 min, color, sound
"Psycho" (Every Character in the Movie Had A Secret)
1987, 3:43 min, color, sound
"Torn Curtain" ("Endless Beginnings")
1987, 3:41 min, color, sound
1988, 7:30 min, color, sound
1991, 30 min, color and b&w, sound