Public television station WGBH in Boston was one of the earliest supporters of video art for broadcast television. In the 1960s and '70s, WGBH commissioned, produced and aired experimental tapes by artists, including several seminal anthologies. In 1974 the New Television Workshop was founded for video artists-in-residence. Artists such as Peter Campus and Nam June Paik produced major works while in residence there.   full biography


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1964, 29:02 min, b&w, sound
1969, 20:39 min, color, sound
1969, 3:51 min, b&w, sound
1969, 4:23 min, b&w, sound
Electronic Light Ballet
1969, 4:38 min, color, sound
Electronic Opera #1
1969, 4:45 min, color, sound
1973, 58:27 min, b&w and color, sound

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1969, 20:39 min, color, sound