Etudes & Riffs: Selected Works by Philip Mallory Jones

Maysles Documentary Center
May 20th to June 10th, 2021

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) and Maysles Documentary Center (@mayslesdocumentarycenter) are pleased to present Etudes & Riffs: Selected Works by Philip Mallory Jones, a career-spanning survey of videos by media artist Philip Mallory Jones. Ranging from impressionistic portraits of Black American life, experimental videos made abroad in Burkina Faso and Angola, to his recent 3D reconstruction of Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood circa 1940, these works display Jones’s idiosyncratic approach to technological innovation and ongoing inquiry into the roots and branches of the African diaspora. 

For over five decades, Jones has experimented with the possibilities of emerging video technologies. He co-founded and directed Ithaca Video Projects (1971-84), a collectively-run media arts center, and the Ithaca Video Festival (1974-84). Utilizing a wide array of tools including film and video animation, the CD-ROM and optical disc, the online virtual world Second Life, 3D modeling software, and the game development engine Unity, Jones has forged an oeuvre as varied in its visual splendor as in its ideas of place, history, and identity. 

Join us for an opening online screening and conversation between Philip Mallory Jones and scholar Patricia R. Zimmerman on Thursday, May 20 at 7PM ET. The program will stream live here.