Interactive Media

Anarchive 2: Digital Snow

Michael Snow

2002, DVD-ROM, color, sound

Digital Snow is a comprehensive DVD-ROM collection devoted to the works of experimental filmmaker/artist Michael Snow. A virtual encyclopedia of Snow's works, Digital Snow features original interviews, video excerpts, musical extracts, rare documentaries and records for over 700 of his works. In addition to the extensive DVD-ROM material, this collection includes two catalogs with introductory texts, an outline of the main principles in Snow's work, content summaries, instructions, and more. Text in English and French.


Bilder der Berührungen


1998, CD-ROM

Bilder der Berührungen features a full-length experimental film, Syntagma, within a digital sound-and-image-scape that includes film and video sequences, photographs, quotations and poems, drawn from Export's extensive body of work.


Fantastic Prayers

Constance DeJong, Tony Oursler and Stephen Vitiello 

1999, CD-ROM

Writer Constance DeJong, artist Tony Oursler, and musician/composer Stephen Vitiello collaborated to create a haunting urban landscape that is inscribed with memories of lives lived, objects posesssed or discarded, and places inhabited.



Chris Marker

1997, CD-ROM

In Immemory, his first CD-ROM project, French filmmaker Chris Marker charts a haunting journey through memory, cinema, photography, war and literature. Marker traces an itinerary or map of an imaginary country, with detours to Hitchcock and Proust, to arrive at a self-portrait.


Untitled Game


1996-2001, sound, CD-ROM

"Untitled Game is a set of modifications, or 'mods,' of the video game Quake 1 ... [It] was made just as game modifications began to gain widespread recognition as an art form unto itself. JODI made the piece by altering the graphics of Quake as well as the software code that makes it work. Their mods reduced the complex graphics of Quake 1 to the bare minimum, aiming for maximum contrast between the complex soundscapes and the minimal visual environment."


Where Where There There Where

Zoe Beloff and the Wooster Group

1998, CD-ROM

This interactive CD-ROM was inspired by the Wooster Group's play House/Lights, which is itself based on a Gertrude Stein play. A playful philosophical investigation of how theories of perception and logic developed in relation to technology, Beloff envisions a digital media equivalent to Stein's radical restructuring of language.