Anarchive 2: Digital Snow

2002, DVD-ROM, color, sound

Digital Snow is a comprehensive DVD-ROM collection devoted to the works of experimental filmmaker/artist Michael Snow. A virtual encyclopedia of Snow's works, Digital Snow features original interviews, video excerpts, musical extracts, rare documentaries and records for over 700 of his works. In addition to the extensive DVD-ROM material, this collection includes two catalogs with introductory texts, an outline of the main principles in Snow's work, content summaries, instructions, and more, with texts in English and French.

Digital Snow is an application for exploring Michael Snow's work, as well as an educational and didactic tool. It allows you to discover the works of one of the most significant artists in contemporary art and cinema of the past 50 years.

Based on an excerpt from the 1974 film Rameau's Nephew by Diderot (Thanx Dennis Young) by Wilama Schoen, the Table Sequence is used as a Table of Contents and incorporates the intuitive metaphor of the computer desktop in which the object IS the search criterion.

The search engine linked to the database contains 4,685 entries on the artist's works, all media taken together. Some of your keyboard's keys will allow you quick access to about 60 video excerpts such as clips from So Is This, Wavelength and La Region Centrale, as well as more than 47 musical extracts, more than 30 reconstitutions or presentations of installations such as Two Sides to Every Story, and an entire section devoted to the Walking Woman works.

Six interfaces give you access to the complete contents, as well as original interviews and rarely seen documentaries. Records for more than 700 works - pictorial, sculptural, photographic, audio and musical - can thus be accessed through the various interfaces.

Minimum System Requirements:

Mac G4 400Mhz OS9/OSX or PC PentiumIII 800 Mhz WIN2K

Director: Michael Snow. Producer/Director of Prototyping: Jean Gagnon (FDL). Research Director: Peggy Gale. Multimedia Director/ Creative Director/Scriptwriter: Jean-Christophe Yacono. Artistic Director/Designer/Scriptwriter: Éric Dubois. Technical Director: Adrien Claude. Database Architect: Alain Depocas. Music: Dominique Hamel. Production: Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology + Époxy Communications. Publisher: Éditions du Centre Georges Pompidou, Collection Anarchive. Director of Anarchive collection: Anne-Marie Duguet. With support from Téléfilm Canada, Canada Arts Council and Heritage Canada.


PLEASE NOTE: This DVD-ROM requires Mac OS 9, Classic Environment for Mac OS X, or Windows 2000. The DVD-ROM may not be compatible with some contemporary computers. Please contact EAI before ordering.