Mysteries of the Pussies

1998-2010, 7:43 min, color, sound

For this performative/lecture, Schneemann invited Teija Lammi, museum librarian at the Porin Taidemuseo in Pori, Finland, to be an improvisatory participant. Together Schneemann and Lammi physically respond to images of the artist's cats. Schneemann relates her own research into historic obscenities connecting the various implications of "pussy". Lammi translates Schneemann's shocking words into Finnish.

The performance was recorded in June 1998 and re-edited in 2010.

Carolee Schneemann Performative Lecture with Teija Lammi. Porin Taidemuseo Pori Finland, June 1998. In conjunction with the exhibition "Animal Anima Animus." "Vesper's Pool" Film and "Infinity Kisses" Stills 1981-1998 by CS. Documentary Pori Footage by Erkki Valli-Jaakola. Video Edit With Trevor Shimizu, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.