Up To and Including Her Limits

1976, 29 min, color, sound

Up To and Including Her Limits extends the principles of Jackson Pollock's action painting. Schneemann is suspended from a rope harness, naked and drawing; her moving body becomes a measure of concentration, the sustained and variable movements of her extended drawing hand creates a dense web of strokes and marking. This video captures the concentration and raw intensity of Schneemann's presence and use of her own body. The piece was edited by Schneemann in 1984 from video footage of six performances: the Berkeley Museum, 1974; London Filmmaker's Cooperative, 1974; Artists Space, NY, 1974; Anthology Film Archives, NY, 1974; The Kitchen, NY, 1976; and the Studio Galerie, Berlin, 1976.

Video: Wilma Kottusch, Mike Steiner, Axel Beyer. Post Production: Media Bus, Bart Friedman, C. Schneemann. Performance/Video partially funded by Media Bureau/Kitchen, National Endowment for the Arts, Creative Artists Public Service.


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