Now is Here

2017, 19:00 min, color, sound, HD video

Influenced by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin's book Time Reborn, which deals with concepts about time, Baldino set about making a video to capture the idea of "now," during an especially volatile moment in American politics. Production of this work coincided with the artist's visit to Cuba, where she filmed the hands of individuals as she interviewed them about their sense of the "now." Interspersed with this footage are various forms of current events activities, altered as needed. Baldino writes: "Shooting hands was a way of making people less self-conscious. I wanted this process to be easy for them and abstract for me. There was one rule: no proper nouns. It was important to simply record their thoughts without including particular names of people or things. The twenty-five individuals I chose were from various occupations. Their definitions of 'now' range from personal to philosophical to political."