2003, 80:51 min, color, sound

Baldino-Neutrino expands on the artist's continuing fascination with scientific phenomena. As in Nano-cadabra and Color Without Color, Baldino focuses on visuality and the unseen; in this case, the movement of neutrinos. Baldino journeyed to Switzerland to visit CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, where an attempt is underway to "catch" these tiny and elusive particles. She recreates the high-speed journey that Swiss physicists have planned for their test subjects, which includes firing the neutrinos over 400 miles into Italy. Moving the viewer at digitally accelerated speeds through a four-mile particle accelerator, and then through the Alps and into Italy, Baldino traces her own artistic process. As she notes of the journey, "I am only human (but 100% Italian) and it took me longer than 2.5 milliseconds!"


Note: This work is available for educational rentals only.